Friday, March 26, 2010

Healthcare Craze

Am I the only one saying what the heck is going on with the politics of our country? After the health care bill passed, all of a sudden crazy remarks are made to disparage the efforts. If the tables where turned, they will have done the same. The debate was on for almost a year and they still cannot get over it. If you do not like the ideas before you, then produce your own. Instead of complaining and raising unnecessary out burst. You had your chance and nothing was done, someone else comes and did something and now you are overwhelmed with contempt. I am an independent voter, and this childish and incompetent way these people have expressed themselves has really shown how crazy some politicians are. It just makes me so peeved. In America we have what we call the elections, and if you want to see change go and vote when the time comes. So for now, SHUT THE HECK UP! We do not need all the rhetoric's, we have heard them many times over. So do yourselves a favor and grip about something else! At least the people who voted for change are seeing results and not a bunch of talk with nothing to show for it. And stop using scare tactics to get people on your side, it's not working! We know what we want and we are not afraid to take risks. If at the end things don't work out, we make changes and forge ahead. And until that time, go into your cave and bang your heads on the wall, because no body cares about your self righteous way of thinking. In short GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I know - people need to leave Obama ALONE!!! The UK and Canada have had a similar plan for YEARS and they are much better off for it :)
    P.S. Happy Birthday Sis :)