Friday, August 20, 2010

Dr. Laura and the N-- word!

I have listened to Dr. Laura for many years, though I appreciate a lot of her advice, I find her to be grossly insensitive and incompassionate most of the time. She seem to deal with people as if they are robots and in my opinion has a holier than thou attitude about herself. All that been said, I do not think she is racist. Just my opinion. I listened to the call that has caused all the upset, and her saying she is quitting her show. I just think it was about time for her to leave the airways anyway. Overtime she had become predictable so I am sure she will not be missed that much. Back to my point on her using the n-word 11 times on the call. I think she was just trying to make a point and got in over head because she was getting frustrated with the caller. At the end of the call, when she was trying to clarify herself, one can sense that she felt bad, but cannot take back the way she had responded to the caller. In my opinion, she should have just apologized to the caller, and thought a little more of what was been said to her, but in her arrogance and lack of sensitivity, she crushed herself to the ground ouch! I personally was not offended by the whole call, but Dr. Laura came across as unprofessional and defensive. Her pride got in the way and she ended up looking like the crazy one at the end of that call.

As an African American, I have to try to just listen to people and try not to be overly sensitive about race issues. After becoming an American citizen, I do not want to allow every racial issue to cloud my love for people . In my life experience in Africa, race was never something I had to worry about, but I can also appreciate that our country has had some really bad past history concerning race and still does. My life today is to focus on celebrating with those who value me as a person of character and integrity. And if that is not good enough, 1000 angels trying to convience those who do not value me will never make a difference. So I have no time for such people and could care less about their miserable opinions of me. You are only afraid of others you do not know because you have a warped sense of yourself . I was not raised to fear people, but to learn to understand them and find a common ground with them. Thanks be to God that we are different, because I will be the first to say hey Lord how about some variety...He he! Now go take on your life!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Life's abundance

Today was a special day to me, just because of the grace of God in my life. I have been reading a book The heart of abundance , though these are words I have already read and quite aware of, this time it just gave new meaning to every word. I believe in true generosity, life is not worth much if we only care about ourselves alone. So as I was driving and reflecting on what I had just read, I became acutely aware of how awesome and great God is and how magnificent He is to all. We are sons and daughters of the Most high, who has given us everything we can ever hope for. My contentment in life, is knowing this fact and believing in it. God Has made it so that all the greatest gifts are giving equally to all. The hours of the day, the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, the ocean and it's vastness, the air we breathe and the sky above, just to mention a few . Wow! Ears have not heard, eyes has not seen, what God Has ready for those who love Him. I love these words from the Bible, if we have this beautiful earth as our home, how much more we have to look froward to. Lord, I thank you for the grace of knowing you. Help us to be content everyday knowing that we have all that we need ,and worry not about anything. May we strive to be generous like you Lord, giving of what is most important to everyone we meet...Amen

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mannequins in Africa

It has been awhile since my last entry, blame it on the boogie! I guess it is high time I get off my silk box and write on issues that really make the world a much better place. Thank God for those who make a difference everyday.

So I recently went home to Africa and spent sometime with my friends and family, I have to say that it is very refreshing to be around such wonderful people. I got to do a lot with Christopher and my niece and nephews. It was a fun time. As we went about our daily lives, I was
Of course being more observant of my sorroundings more so than I have done before. I was truly focussed on taking everything in, especially because I want Christopher to really value his African heritage and love it.

It was this experience that really makes me appreciate so much where I come from. It was funny at first, but as I reflected on the incident, I only feel so much more confident of who I am and my heritage. So my cousin and I who love shopping, we were doing what we love most and as we went from plaza to plaza checking out the fashions, I had to stop and ask. Why are all the mannequins in the shops white?
I actually asked one manager and he was surprised at my question. He told me that is what they had so that is what they use with absolutely no qualms. Of course for someone like me who is from America, it was a shock. Especially when Nigeria is predominantly Africans who are dark in complexion. There was no shadow of concern in their minds about it. I was actually happy to see how the color of the mannequin was irrelevant to them. They were just happy to show case their merchandise and that was all that mattered to them. I shopped as many shops as possible and all the mannequins were the same. I just had to mention this, because who we are as people should be to uphold one another and never be so focussed only on the color. So I find myself giving thanks for such an experience, because it makes me feel so confident and proud of who I am as an African American.

I just had to share this, and I hope that anyone who reads this will also see the beauty in the experience with me.