Friday, August 13, 2010

Life's abundance

Today was a special day to me, just because of the grace of God in my life. I have been reading a book The heart of abundance , though these are words I have already read and quite aware of, this time it just gave new meaning to every word. I believe in true generosity, life is not worth much if we only care about ourselves alone. So as I was driving and reflecting on what I had just read, I became acutely aware of how awesome and great God is and how magnificent He is to all. We are sons and daughters of the Most high, who has given us everything we can ever hope for. My contentment in life, is knowing this fact and believing in it. God Has made it so that all the greatest gifts are giving equally to all. The hours of the day, the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, the ocean and it's vastness, the air we breathe and the sky above, just to mention a few . Wow! Ears have not heard, eyes has not seen, what God Has ready for those who love Him. I love these words from the Bible, if we have this beautiful earth as our home, how much more we have to look froward to. Lord, I thank you for the grace of knowing you. Help us to be content everyday knowing that we have all that we need ,and worry not about anything. May we strive to be generous like you Lord, giving of what is most important to everyone we meet...Amen

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