Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Even Barbie!

Okay, a lot has happened since my last post, and it seems to me that somehow we just have to accept somethings but at the same time speak the truth. There are somethings that I know will always vex me, and they will always be unacceptable. Like the issues I will discuss in this post, I may sound harsh but guess what ? It is what it is. So it was the comment that John Mayer recently made in his interview with playboy magazine, and I guess the idea was that he made a comment about his private part being racist as he was asked about his interest in black women. The other one I heard on the radio was about barbie dolls and the indication was that two barbie dolls that were exactly alike except for the color were priced differently, the white doll was $5.75 and the black doll was $3.00 and then they all laughed at the idea, saying does that mean that white women are worth more? The point again is to belittle a group of people. First off I didn't see it that way I thought it was a matter of demand. After all I don't think that blacks are running to the store to buy a doll that doesn't look anything like them. The point here is this, beauty tome is of every race and no particular race has monopoly on beauty. To everyone who thinks like John Mayer I am sorry to break the news to you, black women are NOT sitting around waiting for you to come and rescue them, the rejection is totally mutual. I was actually saddened by this fact when I first came to America, because I never thought that people will actually refuse to date someone just because of their race, what a shame. I can understand if there is a character or integrity issue, but to reject each other in such a way is quite sad. It goes back to the beginning yet again, of how the blacks were treated. The women watch their men being beaten and humiliated, while the same men will go and rape the women. There were kids everywhere that were born as a result of this, and they had no fathers to claim them, because the black men were sure not the fathers. I still find it hard to understand why there has to be such a put down especially of black women. They were the ones that had to endure such violation and exploitation when they were brought to this country. The only reason I feel we are so put down, is because the men who started this destructive pattern are trying to save face, so they will do anything to prove to their women that they do not like black women. If I was a white woman, my first question to those men will be if the women are savages and animals like you described them, how come you kept raping them? And most of the men were actually married at that time, so figure that one out for me please. Such hypocrites and pin head minded people. And so to compensate for their inhumane behaviors they have made it a point to sell to the rest of us that somehow beauty is a monopoly, but unfortunately it has now backfired on everyone including their own. Because today the low self esteem issue is a plague that consumes the women of this country. A standard that has been set cannot be reached even by their on women that have been placed on a pedestal. America compared to other countries is so focused on looks and appearance that even barbie is finding it hard to keep up. Most women feel bad about their looks, suffer from eating disorders, or lack self esteem. The sins of the past generation are reaping havoc all over the place.

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