Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Give me a break!

I am a black woman of West African origin, I was born & raised in Kaduna which is located in northern Nigeria. Since my move to the USA, I have learned a great deal about the culture and custom of America, though it is a far cry from what I was accustomed to, it has now become my culture too. After my swearing in ceremony to become a naturalized citizen of this great country, I find it necessary to share my views and thoughts about my daily experiences as an American. There has been quite a few times where I felt like screaming my head off when I hear about all the stereotype and crazy insinuations people have of Africa or other cultures that are not American. It is right to say we have a great country, but to assume that nothing else is good out of our realm is pretty shallow and unnerving to say the least. I use my self as an example, the only thing anyone can say that will make any sense to me is probably that they have had a specific experience that I may have not had the opportunity to have. Other than that
there is nothing I cannot do if I set my mind on it. There is nothing out of my league unless I choose not to pursue it. If it's what God has placed in my heart, the pigmentation of my skin has no bearing on my ability to achieve it. Unless of course if someone stands in the way with their little minds to think that only certain people have the ability to do well. I try not to allow it to bother me but sometimes it just vex me to see it happening. I have lived in America for most of my adult life about 18yrs and I think with all I have experienced, I can say HEY GIVE ME A BREAK!


  1. Welcome to blog world! I'll be excited to read your thoughts. And as for blog #1 - AMEN sister!

  2. Hi Hon! Way to go. Now you have an outlet for your writing itch! ;)