Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blessed Mother Teresa

Today I read a bit about mother Teresa, and I an pressed to say that she was certainly a remarkable person. I am so moved as to say that in her life of devoted service to the poorest of the poor, and not feeling the presence of God, is a testament of her faith. As a convert to Catholic Christianity, I felt deeply like I understood her dryness in my own little way. I may not quite understand everything about being a follower of Christ, but I know that I believe. And even when I don't know, my faith carries on, unwavering , trusting that God IS. And will always be, ever present. So thank you mother Teresa, for your deep faith and trust even as you felt dry. And was steadfast till the end in doing the work you were called to do. All glory be to God now and forever...Amen  

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