Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saying good bye

These past couple of weeks have been hectic, a lot has happened that really puts things into perspective for me. Two friends from my church family have been called to the banquet table of our Lord, and saying good bye is not easy. As we celebrate the lives of our friends by remembering them, it not easy to accept that we Will not see them again here on earth. Times like this bring back memories of family who have been gone but never forgotten. I am not sure that anyone will ever understand, but knowing that we serve a living God helps to ease the burden of pain that is felt after such a great loss.

So today I can try to be better, love better, help better, listen better, play better and let things that I can not make better be a reminder to me that somethings will be better ONLY at the banquet table of our Lord... Amen

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